segmentation fault

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segmentation fault

Postby Algernon » 7. Dec 2017, 04:40

Dear Florian:

I implemented a new simple model in SARAH framework :

Step1: I use SARAH-4.12.2 to generate SPheno source code and CalHEP model file. It worked well.
Step2: I compiled this model in SPheno-4.0.3 and generated SLHA spectrum file, it's OK.
Step3: I compiled this model in micromegas_4.3.4 , it's OK.
Step4: But when I run ./CalcOmega_with_DDetection_MOv4.3 SPheno.spc.TSTHDM. Errors appeared : Segmentation fault(core dumped) .
I have spent much time solving this problem, but failed ! Could you please give me some hint ?
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Re: segmentation fault

Postby FStaub » 8. Dec 2017, 09:46

Since I'm on leave, you should ask the authors of CalcHep/MO. Especially, since a seg fault points towards a problem in their part of the code.

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