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The LHPC spectrum plotter is a small but handy tool to produce plots of the SUSY mass spectrum based on the information given in a SLHA output file .
For the output it is necessary to provide a second control file in addition to the SLHA spectrum file. The control file includes information about the paths to the necessary shell tools (gnuplot, latex, dvips, ps2eps, rm, mv) and the LaTeX name associated with a PDG number. In addition, the color and column used for the different particles are defined in that file. SARAH can provide such a file which works nicely together with the spectrum file written by a SPheno module also created by SARAH . By default it assumes the standard paths under Linux, while the color and column of each particle can be defined in particles.m using the new option LHPC. For instance, to put the gluino in the fourth column and to use purple for the lines, the entry reads

 {{   Description -> "Gluino",
            LaTeX -> "\\tilde{g}",
            LHPC -> {4, "purple"},
            ... }},

As name for the colors all available colors in gnuplot can be used. The control file for a given set of eigenstates of the initialized model is written via


and saved in the directory


It is used together with a spectrum file to create the figure by the shell command

./LhpcSpectrumPlotter.exe SPheno.spc.$MODEL LHPC_$MODEL_Control.txt

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