Main Commands

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The most important commands to work with SARAH are:

  1. ShowModels: Shows a list with all installed models
  2. SARAH`FirsSteps: Shows a short introduction to SARAH 
  3. CheckModel: Performs several checks of the implementation of the current model
  4. Vertex[Fields, Options]: Calculates a vertex for given fields, see Vertices
  5. MassMatrices[$EIGENSTATES]: Shows all mass matrices for given eigenstates $EIGENSTATES, see Tree Masses
  6. TadpoleEquations[$EIGENSTATES]: Shows all tadpole equations for given eigenstates $EIGENSTATES, see Tadpoles Equations
  7. MassMatrix[Field]: Shows the mass matrix of the field Field, see Tree Masses
  8. TadpoleEquation[X]: Shows the tadpole equation corresponding to a vev or a scalar particle X to the VEV VEV, see Tadpoles Equations
  9. CalcRGEs[Options]: Calculates the RGEs, see RGEs
  10. CalcLoopCorrections[Options]: Calculates one-loop one and two-points functions for given eigenstates $EIGENSTATES, see One-Loop Self-Energies and Tadpoles
  11. ModelOutput[$EIGENSTATES,Options]: Create output defined by options for given eigenstates $EIGENSTATES, see ModelOutput
  12. MakeVertexList[$EIGENSTATES,Options]: Calculates all vertices for given eigenstates $EIGENSTATES, see Vertices
  13. MakeSPheno[Options]: Writes source code for SPheno, see SPheno 
  14. MakeTeX[Options]: Writes LaTeX files, see LaTeX
  15. MakeCHep[Options]: Writes CalcHep / CompHep model files, see CalcHep/CompHep
  16. MakeFeynArts[Options]: Writes FeynArts model file, see FeynArts
  17. MakeWHIZARD[Options]: Writes model files for WHIZARD and Omega, see WHIZARD
  18. MakeUFO[Options]: Writes model files in the UFO format, see UFO
  19. MakeLHPCstyle[$EIGENSTATES]: Writes steering files for the LHPC spectrum plotter, see LHPC
  20. MakeAll[Options]: Generates the output for SPheno , WHIZARD , CalcHep , FeynArts and in the UFO format as well as the LaTeX files, see ModelOutput