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The generation of the source code for SPheno is started via


The different options are:

  • ReadLists->True can be used if all vertices and RGEs have already been calculated for the model and the former results should be used to save time.
  • InputFile. The name of the SPheno input file. If not defined, SPheno.m is used.
  • StandardCompiler->Compile. The compiler which should be set as standard in the created Makefile. Default is gfortran.

The generated source code is located in

/Directory of SARAH/Output/$MODEL/$EIGENSTATES/SPheno/ 

These files can be compiled together with SPheno version 3.3.0 or later. SPheno is also available at HepForge:


The necessary steps to compile the new files are

tar -xf SPheno-3.3.0.tar.gz
cd SPheno-3.3.0
mkdir $MODEL
make Model=$MODEL

This creates a new binary bin/SPheno$MODEL which reads all input parameters from an external file. SARAH writes templates for these input file which can be used after filling it with numbers as

./bin/SPheno$MODEL $MODEL/Input_Files/LesHouches.in.$MODEL 

The output is written to


and contains all running parameters at the renormalization scale, the loop corrected mass spectrum, two and three-body decays as well as a prediction of precision and flavour observables.

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