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SARAH with version 3 has been the first ‘spectrum–generator–generator’: using the derived information about the mass matrices, tadpole equations, vertices, loop corrections and RGEs for the given model SARAH writes Fortran source code for SPheno. Based on this code the user gets a fully functional spectrum generator for a new model. The features of a spectrum generator created in this way are:

  1. RGE running: the full two-loop RGEs are included
  2. Precise mass spectrum calculation: SPheno modules created by SARAH include the one-loop corrections to all SUSY particles. For Higgs states the full one-loop and in addition dominant two-loop corrections are included.
  3. Calculation of decays: SPheno calculates all two-body decays for SUSY and Higgs states. In addition, the three body decays of a fermion into three other fermions and the three-body decays of scalar into another scalar and a pair of fermions are included.
  4. FlavorKit interface: SPheno modules calculate out of the box many flavour observables for a given model.
  5. Calculation of precision observables: SPheno does also calculate [math]\delta\rho[/math], electromagnetic dipole moments as well as anomalous magnetic moments of leptons.
  6. Output for HiggsBounds and HiggsSignals : SPheno generates all necessary files with the Higgs properties (masses, widths, couplings to SM states) which are needed to run HiggsBounds and HiggsSignals.
  7. Estimate of the Fine-Tuning: SPheno modules can calculate the electroweak fine-tuning with respect to a set of defined parameters

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